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1, 2, 3:
The No-Trump Choir - Hymn to Americans
Sarah James - Re Composition
Huw Parsons - The Experimental Poet

4, 5, 6:
Bissecta & KYT - Beat me with Poetry
Matheus Caldas - Taken Apart
Sally Crabtree - Porslinhunden

7, 8, 9:
Ronald Jones - Zen Ode to The Bicycle
Surreal Realm - Mysterious Capricornus
Saskia Van Tetering - Water Thinking

10, 11, 12:
Ron Runeborg - Random Train
Queen Da Poetess - Why I Write
H. C. Turk - House of Strangers

13, 14, 15:
John Langford - Long Time
Barry Patterson - Spirit House Century Song
Malachi Smith - Dem Kill Reggae*

16, 17, 18:
Saskia Van Tetering & Michael Oesch - Harp for a Rainy Day
Norman Christofoli - I, Who am Not
Sally Crabtree - Wake to a Dream


* Our interview with the writer and academic Eric Doumerc, about the work of Malachi D. Smith, is still available on our Soundcloud page at

The Loop is curated by Vaughn Reeves

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