Love in Leamington and all that Jazz

The first Love in Leamington concert took place in February 2013. Based on an idea by the poet Julie Boden, it was commissioned and promoted by Warwickshire Libraries and held to coincide with St Valentine’s Day. It featured a series of musical settings and interpretations of love poems written by Julie, each created by a separate artist or artists.

The event was so successful that it was repeated in 2014 this time commissioning new poems from seven poets, including Julie herself, with the support of the Poetry on Loan scheme. All of the poems were set to music by the composer and musician Steve Tromans and played by him with percussion from Lydia Glanville and singing by Alison Symons. In performance, the poems were intersperced with arrangements of jazz standards.

The commissioned poets were:
Roz Goddard
Jonathan & Maria Taylor
Roy McFarlane
Julie Boden
Charlie Jordan

These recordings of the poems are taken from that performance on the night of Wednesday 12th February 2014. All rights remain with the artists.

Sound recording by Chris Radley at dVoicebox.

1. Roz Goddard – Intro

2. Roz Goddard – A Flame

3. Jonathan & Maria Taylor – Intro

4. Jonathan & Maria Taylor – Adding Up

5. Jonathan & Maria Taylor – Intro

6. Jonathan & Maria Taylor – You Old Romantic

7. Roy McFarlane – Intro

8. Roy McFarlane – A Love Supreme

9. Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito – Intro

10. Giovanni ‘Spoz’ Esposito – Writing You

11. Julie Boden – Intro

12. Julie Boden – Love’s Masquerade

13. Charlie Jordan – Intro

14. Charlie Jordan – Beginnings

All photographs were taken by Joanna Ornowska.

For further information about Love in Leamington please contact Jan Dawson at Warwickshire Libraries.